Derry is a city rich in culture, tradition and heritage. Some highlights in the locality include:

The City Walls

Derry is the only remaining completely walled city and one of the finest examples of Walled Cities in Europe. The Walls were built between 1613-1618 as defenses for early 17th century settlers from England and Scotland. The City Walls are 1.5km in circumference and form a walkway around the inner city. They vary in width from 12-35 feet and host 24 of the remaining canons which have been painstakingly restored. The Roaring Meg canon is loacted on the double bastion. Free admission.

The Guildhall

The Guildhall was named in honour of the London Guilds and dates from 1887. It cost £19,000 to build and opened in 1890 as the administrative centre for the Derry Coporation. In 1908 it was razed to the ground and in 1972 it was destroyed by a number of bomb attacks. After its restoration, it reopened in 1978 and today houses some of the finest examples of stain glass windows. The Guildhall is home to the Derry City Council and also a popular venue for civil marriages. Free admission.

Tower Museum & Harbour Museum

The award winning Tower Museum is located within the city walls and houses two permanent exhibitions including the 'Story of Derry' and 'An Armada Shipwreck La Trinidad Valencera'.

The Harbour Museum housed within the grade B listed Port & Commissoners Office was offically opened in 1995. The museum showcases the cities maritime connections through an eclectic mix of maps, plans and archaelogical finds. Free admission.

Museum of Free Derry

The Museum of Free Derry is an archive focusing on the Civil Rights Era ofthe 1960's and the Free Derry/early troubles of the 1970's. An absolute must for any visitor to the City. Admission £3. Click here for more information.

Murals - The People's Gallery

The People's Gallery refers to 12 murals painted by 3 local artists which depict events during the Troubles. Fantastic, guided tours available daily. For more information click here

Free Derry Corner

The Free Derry Corner is instantly recognisable. The slogan 'You Are Now Entering Free Derry' was first painted in January 1969 to demarcate the Bogside and Creggan areas, and was repainted in preparation for the visit by Jim Callaghan, Home Secretary in 1969. The background wall was briefly painted pink in July 2007 for the Gasyard Feile and Foyle Pride Week.

St.Eugenes Cathedral & St.Coulmbs Cathedral

Saint Eugenes Cathedral was completed in 1903 and is one of the city's most impressive structures with its style of Gothic revival. Open daily. Click here for more information.

St Columbs Cathedral stands on a prominent site within the historic Derry's Walls and is Derry's oldest building. It was completed in 1633 in the Planter's Gothic style. The Cathedral is dedicated to Saint Columba (Columb), the Ulster monk, who established a Christian settlement here in the sixth century. The historic cathedral has a small museum with pictures and artefacts open daily to visitors. Click here for more information.

Adventure In Ireland

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